If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.

I am a guy who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles to make films. After graduating from University of Idaho, I made my move. I was lucky enough to have the first screenplay produced – SORORITY HOUSE PARTY was my introduction into the world of independent cinema. For my next project, I wrote, produced, directed and edited the feature comedy SOCIAL INTERCOURSE. I continued to hone my craft by writing and directing THE SOURCE, a teen sci-fi feature. I went on to write and direct DETOUR a gore-filled cannibal’s in the dessert feature. I served as producer on a half dozen direct-to-video films for the Sy-Fy channel and Lifetime. I took a few years off from producing features to learn to shoot and edit short form internet films. I won several awards for my shorts and in 2017, my most recent horror film CLAWED was picked up by UNCORK’D ENTERTAINMENT for worldwide distribution.


I have always admired the minds of visionary writers of the past. Working for pennies a page, Howard, Clark-Smith and Lovecraft created master works of cosmic horror fiction that has yet to be rivaled. Later Clarke, Heinlein and Wyndham created speculative fiction that took the reader to the edge of the universe and crossed into other dimensions.  But it was Rod Serling who introduced the concepts of alternate realities to the mainstream with the Twilight Zone. My goal with his new boutique label is to create strange fiction features for a new audience building on the works of the masters.